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Home to some well renowned figures in the entertainment industry, YMEA Modeling LLC has been making my clients’ professional dreams come true since 2000. My talented protégées have been popping up on sports fields, screens, and magazines — making a name for themselves in their industry. I'm there to help them make the right decisions to keep them moving forward.

Introducing The Latest Star

Influencers: Talent Profiles

Beautiful Teen Role Model

Kendall is a very talented 14 (will be 15 in March) year old YMEA Elite Model, Dancer, Athlete and, Actress. She has been dancing since the age of 4. She started with Tap and Ballet and when she was old enough, she stared Hip Hop and she’s been doing it since. This is her first year on the Competition team where she takes dance. She has been in 2 short films which are available to view on Amazon Prime, this is when she started getting into modeling. She has been featured in many online magazines with 3 being the cover, she’s currently a Rock your Hair model and a influencer/creator on Instagram. She started her Instagram the end of May 2021, she is already at over 6k followers and is starting to receive items to make content with. You can follow her Instagram at @kendallleighbabcock_
Kendall also enjoys playing JV volleyball for her schools team during the spring. She also takes swimming lessons annually for the American Red Cross.  She’s currently a level 6, after passing this level 3 times she can become a lifeguard and get a job during the summer. She’s a great person to be around, always smiling and laughing and she has a heart of gold. Her motto is: Smile it’s contagious! YMEA Modeling welcomes Kendall for future Modeling Endeavors in the Teen Fashion World.

Influencers: Talent Profiles

Beautiful Southern Model

Aubrey Elise is a 13 year old Louisiana girl. She enjoys competitive Allstar cheer, it is her life. But she also enjoys modeling, singing, anything artistic (drawing, painting, etc), and reading. She is homeschooled and has been since she was in second grade. Aubrey Elise is a honor roll student and pushes to get good grades. Aubrey Elise has been modeling since she was four years old, for photographers across the country.

She is always striving to push her boundaries and grow as a person. She decided she wanted to try out for Rebel Ambassador last year, in which she achieved her goal, making the 22-23 season her first as a Rebel Ambassador. She has had an absolute blast meeting new friends and modeling for Rebel Athletic. Aubrey Elise has set a goal for this next season to make Rebel Athletic Talent. She has also set her sights on making a higher level cheer team at the gym she cheers at. She definitely makes her parents proud.

Influencers: Talent Profiles
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