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YMEA Modeling provides support for Brand Photoshoots, Agencies, and supporting Careers for our Model Clients.

YMEA Models: News & Updates

A Bright Future

 Yazmine Avila is a beautiful 12 year old YMEA Elite Model from Miami Florida. She has been a Rebel Model for the past 3 years and now models for Pattifalconer Agency too. She currently cheers for United Rock Nation. One of her favorite dresses is from Gigirifashion photographed by JBlanco photos. Her Role Model is Cheerleader Model Lala and she is never afraid of the spotlight whether its Cheer (Won Cheersport and NCA Cheer) during the 2019-20 Season.  Yazmine is a young awesome role model at school, cheer, and fashion model.

Comp Card

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 4'6"

Weight: 56 lbs Chest: 27 Hips: 30

Success Story

Makena Kalita is a 15 year old YMEA Elite Teen Model from New Jersey.   Makena has been a GK Cheer Elite Model since 2018. She also currently cheers for All Star One  and is a Model for Pattifalconer Agency. Makena has been featured on IT Girl magazine as well because her smile is iconic and her personality is down to earth.

A Shining Example

Emily Burnett is our #1 15 year old YMEA Elite Model from Dallas Texas. She is currently a GP Model , Rebel Feature Model , Pattifalconer Agency Model , and cheers for Powerhouse Cheer Gym Spirit of Texas  which she went undefeated in 2019-20 Season. Emily will definitely showcase her excellence in the Modeling World.


Rising Star

Emma Barclay is a 15 years old Teen Model. She is currently a GP Elite Model ( and a Flip'n Amped Athlete (@flipn_amped). She has done photoshoots /runways for Rebel (@rebelathleticgirls). Although Emma had an Awesome Season with Cheer Athletics she does not cheer but still keeps active with fitness and exercise. Never quit mentality is her way of being strong everyday Model.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


Pacific Northwest Wonder

Amanda Howard is a wonderful top teen model from Washington State. She is currently a GK Elite Model (@gkcheer), All Bows Ambassador (@allbows), and Rock Your Hair Rep Model (@rockyourhair). She currently for Oregon Dream Teams (@oregondreamteams). She has been always on top of her game whether its performing in cheer or model photoshoots. Amanda definitely is ready for any challenge in the Model World.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles



Ashley is a beautiful 11 year old model who loves to share the spotlight in modeling, cheer, and family.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


A Bright Future

Payton (@paytondrebelbis_) is a beautiful 9 year old model ahead of her time. She is currently a GK Elite Mini Model(@gkcheer), Rock Your Hair Infuencer (@rockyourhair), Girls Rock Cosmetics Icon (@girlsrockcosmetics), Be You Boss(@be_you_brands) and Bella Donna Ambassador (@bellapony_official). Payton is what I call
"Hard Work Pays Off" and she looks to help and inspire all Models.



Texas Style

Brianna Rae (@bri_cheers16) a beautiful 14 year old Home Grown Texas Model, Influencer, and Athlete. She is a Rebel Model (@rebelathletic). She is an absolute Class Act in School and Cheer. Brianna’s family values have shaped her to be a down to earth human.

Discover even more about the talents who give YMEA Modeling LLC a good name.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


More than just a Model

Olivia is a gorgeous, 14-year-old model from North-western New Jersey. She is absolutely thrilled to join the YMEA family! Olivia is a multi-talented young lady involved in many things outside of school. She loves to sing, dance & act and has studied all three art forms for several years. She has performed in many musicals all around Northern New Jersey and is very comfortable both on stage and in front of the camera. She’s definitely a fan of the spotlight! Olivia is also a cheerleader in her town. Olivia is a bright, intuitive, young lady and is a terrific role model AND fashion model! She’s an absolute pleasure to work with! (Credits: Blaney Photo @blaneyphoto)

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


Natural Beautiful with Confidence

Brianna (@briannagonzalez_04) is a talented 14-year old dancer and Teen model from New Jersey.She has been a competitive dancer since the age of 4 winning many top and 1st place awards.She was named Top Elite Soloist & All Star Performer in 2018 and was a DancerPalooza Scholarship winner in 2019. She walked NYFW in 2020 with Foxy's Leotards and has been featured on their website. Brianna is also an active role model and community leader as part of the Heroes & Cool Kids program. She is also a dance teacher assistant and is  now excited to be part of the Varsity Dance/Cheer competitive team with her High School.Brianna is a sweet down to earth teenager always ready for any challenge that may lie ahead.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


Winning Atitude

Jordan Mondragon (@jordanbaseballstud) is an 8 year old model from Miami,Florida. Just like his sister Yazmine Avila (@urn_yaz), he is very active in sport (baseball). He is a good listener and responsible kid who knows how to accomplish goals such as winning baseball tournaments for his U9 Powerhouse Team. Jordan is looking forward to the next challenge with modeling and becoming an Awesome Team YMEA Member.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles
Photographer Jerry Hughes


Bright Smile

Amelia (@amelia.wiscogirl) is an energetic 10 year old model from Wisconsin who loves to read, play drums, model, and cheer. Amelia has been a competitive all star cheerleader for 4 years. She is currently a Cheerlyfe Cover Model (@cheerlyfecollection), Be You Boss (@be_you_brands), Gomeegirl jewelry ambassador (@gomeegirl), Rock Your Hair Model (@rockyourhair), and At Mention Indy Positive Influencer (@ali_indy_). She is a bit of a social justice warrior and willing to stand up for her beliefs and her friends.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles
PC: @erinmcdevittphotography


Beautiful with a Heart of a Champion

Victoria (as1_torig) is a 12 year old 7th grader from the beach side town of NJ. She is an “A” honor student for the last 6 years and member of the band, playing the clarinet for the past 3 years. She spends most of her time cheerleading. She is currently a 1st year Varsity cheerleader for Ventnor Pirates Football Organization along with doing 2 All Star teams at All Star One Cheerleading out of NJ. She is a level 6 tumbler and an athlete on Junior Bang Jr. level 4 and Little Lights youth level 3. She was awarded team Captain of her level 3 team this season. She participates in many extra tumbling classes and privates at As1. She also attends gymnastics sessions at Blake’s Gymnastics Training Academy. Victoria is a leader who is very versatile and adaptable. She is a Rock Your Hair Model and a brand ambassador plus for Aphrodite jewelry. She has recently broken into the modeling/influencing world and is excited and hopeful for a bright future in the business.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


More than just a Model

Elena (@elena_angelica_0902_) is 13 year old Model and Middle School Honors Student from New York. In addition to Modeling, Runway Shows, and Acting, Elena has been involved in the Pageantry Industry since the Age of 4. The National American Association (NAM) Pageant Organization gave her the opportunity to gain poise, self-confidence, and valuable communication skills. She entered State Competitions and Won Queens Court for the Title of Miss Preteen NY. Then later advancing to Nationals to compete there as well. During these competitions, Elena has placed 1st for best spokesmodel, 1st for best actress, and 1st for Top Model. She is very comfortable in front of the camera and has a fun time posing. Her Goal as a young model is to continue practicing her modeling skills. She see's herself one day on the cover of a Top Magazine and Walk the Catwalk beside the best of the best. Elena also loves to sing, dance, and perform in Musical Theater. She also plays volleyball with her teammates and in her spare time loves to swim and write short stories.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles
PC: @portaits_by_rainbow


Beautiful and Kindness in Heart

Marlii Grace is from Middle GA and in the 7th grade. She is in her 7th season of Allstar cheerleading and she is also training to be and equestrian. Marlii currently represents OneX50 Haircare, GK-Cheer, BeYou Brands and Portraits by Rainbow. Marlii is very involved in church and community outreach services. She believes in giving back and supports St. Judes and Tunnel to Towers. Marlii loves meeting new people and being in front of the camera.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles
PC: @j_molinaphotography


Confidence and Strength in Beauty

Hayden Ashley is a cheerleader, model, and Crossfitter from the Gulf Coast of Alabama. You can always find Hayden on the beach, in the gym, playing sports, volunteering, or modeling for various labels. Hayden has been featured on the cover of Inside Cheerleading, has represented Under Armour as an Epic Athlete, is a member of Flipping Amp'd Tumblers, a GK Allstar Elite, and a Team iC alum.  Hayden Ashley is very active on social media and enjoys being a mentor and positive role model for younger girls.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles
PC: @joshluskphotography


Alexandria (@lucy_morning_star) is 15 year old Teen Model from Washington State. She is currently GK model, Allbows ambassador, and a Rock Your Hair Model Rep. Alex has been cheering for 12 years and 6 years with Oregon Dream Teams. She also currently doing High School cheer. Alex is an excellent student being on the honor roll for the last 3 yrs.  Her goal is to be level 7 cheerleader/flyer.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


A Reading Rainbow Model

Kelsey is a 12 year old Influencer, Dancer, Musical Theater and Teen Model. She is a competitive dancer and loves competing in pageants. Kelsey is also very passionate about her platform “Opening Books Opens Minds” where she loves to tell the kids the importance of reading. She has held book drives collecting thousands of books to get into the hands of children in her community. Kelsey is also very musically talented she played a wide by of instruments, her favorite being the drums. In Kelseys free time she loves spending time with her family and friends.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


A Sunshine Model

 Faith is a 14 year old teen model from the Southwest Florida coast. She’s currently also models for Giant Pixel Photography. Faith is a cheerleader for Top Gun Allstars, and has been involved in Allstar Cheerleading for the last 7 years. This year she joined her high school cheerleading team as well.

Faith strives to be the best role model she can be for the younger athletes at her gym, and for her peers at school. Her favorite activities outside of the gym and school are boating, swimming, travel and making new goal-oriented, like minded friends.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


Beautiful and Focused Model

Izabella (@izabella.gymnast) is a 13 year old model from the Washington/Oregon area. She is a competitive gymnast and plays on a 14u club  softball team. Izabella currently reps for Snowflake Leotards, Kabam2u Activewear, Summerfield Jewelry, Catchies, and Be Flippin Fierce. She has also been a rep for Sylvia P.  Bella hopes to some day be a collegiate athlete.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


Jersey's Little Best Model

Cadence is a Kid Model from NJ. Cadence has been modeling since the age of 4, along with allstar cheerleading since the age of 5. Cadence loves to cheer, tumble, model, sing, and dance! She is currently a GK mini Elite, a Be You Brands Model , a Foxy Leotards and Saoirse Kids Ambassador. Her next goal is to enter the acting world. Cadence has appeared in Kidsworld Magazine twice, along with Fashionhaunts Magazine numerous times. Cadence also walks in New York Fashion week. Cadences dream print job would to be to model for Spirit Halloween, and her dream acting job is to appear on Stranger Things.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


Extraordinary Beautiful Model

Taylor is 12 year old Teen Model from Florida . Taylor is a competitive cheerleader at Top Gun Allstars. She has been doing cheerleading for 7 years. Taylor
Also cheers for her junior varsity school team. Taylor is a Rock Model and Rebel Ambassador.  In her free time she loves to cook, play the piano and ride horses. She is very confident in what she does and she is looking forward to new opportunities in the Teen Modeling World!

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


West Coast Most Beautiful and Bright Model

Sivan is a up and coming Beautiful Model from California. She has been dancing for 10 years, and trains about 20 hours a week with her dance studio.  She is trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, improvisation and ballroom dancing.  Sivan also does work

for various up and coming companies as a brand ambassador.  Currently, she is a brand ambassador for Claire Fabre Photography, NYC Dance Arts and Illuminated Dancewear.  Sivan also holds the title of Miss Elite and spokesperson for Elite Dance Models.  YMEA Modeling is proud to represent Sivan to the Fashion and Modeling World.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles
PC: @jerryhughesphoto


Heart of Texas Model

Brianna is 14 years old Teen Model from Texas. Brianna has been in competition cheer for 10 years currrently cheers at Cheer Athletics. She is a flyer on a international open coed non-tumble level 6 worlds team, Phantomcats. She is in the 8th grade and also does school cheer. She is in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and is raising a lamb for show whose name is Luna. She would like to be  veterinarian one day and hopes to be able to make $$ modeling along with work hard at cheer and FFA and obtain scholarships in those areas to help her pay for college. 

Brianna is currently a Rebel model ambassador. She previously modeled for GK for 2 years; however the only uniform company she currently represents is Rebel. She has been with Be You Brands for 2 years. She has also modeled for Reign Avery Couture and Rock Your Hair.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles


A Beautiful All You Can Be Model

Amelia is a bright and happy 10 year old Cuban-American Model who resides in sunny Miami, Florida. Her passions include cheerleading, modeling, camping, and having fun with family and friends.  She has been an ICanCheer Model since 2019 and she would like to expand her network.  She loves encouraging others and serving as an excellent role model within the community. Amelia is looking forward to continue her growth as a YMEA Model.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles
PC: @jerryhughesphoto


Dancing with the Princess Model

Leslie Christina (@Leslie_In_Action) is a 13-year-old model and dancer from Maryland. Leslie is a hip hop performer with the Washington Wizards' Wiz Kids, and a member of the Washington Football Team's All-Star Dance Team. In addition, she is a Brand Ambassador for Sugar Lulu, Just Strong, and Pineapple Clothing to name a few. Leslie is a role model at her school. She is an honor roll student and athlete (volleyball), and also serves as a Student Ambassador. YMEA Modeling looks forward to expanding Leslie's business endeavors.

YMEA Models: Talent Profiles
YMEA Modeling items.jpg


Beautiful, Fun, Strong, and Loving Model

Teaghan (@